Embrace The Power
Of Trasformation


Gwen Geerinck

tantric leadership Coach

Gwen is a visionary worldshaker and an experience-based expert in how to create a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle. She is a well-trained expert in personal development, self-directed education, relationship balancing, tantric & energetic-healing, divine channeling and wealth creation based upon the universal laws.

How may I help you?

During our journey together, you discover simple principles that contribute to happiness and abundance, in order to make a difference, create clarity and achievable results.

Work With Me

Energetic Bodywork

Energetic bodywork is an umbrella term for any practice that uses the energy circuits in our body to regain balance. Many mechanisms for supporting energetic healing have been applied for millennia. This is not based on a belief, but it is solid science based on the functioning of the electromagnetic fields of the body.

Mindful Communication

Mindful communication is the term used to clarify the mental process occurring in the now, so we can go beyond the thoughts, the ego and the stories we tell ourselves to survive in the world we live in. It is not based on classic therapeutic structures or systems we are familiar with. On the contrary, it is a truthful heart-to-heart conversation.

Touch of Trust

Touch of Trust is a term that adequately expresses the application of holistic massage techniques I use based upon ancient methods, intuitive healing, and relaxation. We build a relationship of trust to grow, realize and create new body awareness. Touching the body is an intimate experience and requires a respectful approach.

About the way we embark on a journey and what you may expect of a session.

We always work with the present moment, heart connection and truthful expression. Practical tools during a session are channeling, mindful communication, energetic bodywork, massage, dance expression, yoga, meditation and education.

We work in a natural environment, like in nature, in our home atmosphere or in a safe intimate environment, to provide a safe touch experience. Online sessions for energetic healing, channeling, and mindful communication are also possible.