60 min. Online Coaching


Receive powerful insights and discover how to implement practical habits and which are the first actions you can take in order to create lasting change.

Duration: 60 min.


The online session has a duration of 60 minutes. During this time we connect, interact and determine your main focus in order to make a difference for you. You can choose one of the three topics Heath, Wealth or Relationships.

This call is about what you need at that moment to create clarity, confidence and connection with regard the actions and needs specific to your situation. When you need more time, you can book an additional time slot for 30 minutes.

Book your online session and you will receive the information you need to set a date, time and online application like Messenger, Whatsapp or another option if you prefer.

Determine your topic before we start the call so we can use your time efficiently. If you don’t want a video call, an audio call is also possible. For people with a Belgian phone number, we can have a call by phone.



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