Heartful Interaction

Inspire Connect & Transform 

Conscious communication is detachment from the past and the future, so the present moment can be the inspiration for change.


A physically healthy body only survives when the mind & the heart are in balance. A healthy lifestyle is key.

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Wealth is more than having a lot of money. Wealth is FREEDOM of choice, time, location, truth, lifestyle...

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Happiness is all about heartful connection, acceptance, unconditional love, support & making better choices.

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"Identity is what other people tell us about who we are. Personality is about who we want to be." By owning our values, standards, and personal truth independently from other people's impressions about us we create an Authentic Personality.


"We don't have energy, we create energy." Maintaining our vitality, power, and presence by pushing past our physical comfort zone, we create longevity and a strong mindset. Energy is what creates life.


Food is about more than what we put in our mouths. Real food comes from nature itself and is organic and unprocessed. But the term also refers to inspiration as food for the mind and heart connection as food for the soul.


How do you show up every day? With confidence, boldness, and determination to be your best self? Do we allow ourselves to make up our own minds, make our own choices and show ourselves as we feel expressing ourselves.


When your lifestyle requires you to trade your time and energy for money, it rules your choices, actions, and ambitions. Nourishing your purpose, dreams and loved ones is what drives us. However, money is important so we need to use it to our advantage.


Lifestyle and freedom are deeply connected to money. So creating financial freedom is the first action to take when building an independent lifestyle that provides the leverage to manifest the life you desire.


Finding your purpose in life is not the same as thinking about the things we want to have. Finding your purpose is not so hard as it is to make the changes needed to create your desired lifestyle. Purpose helps us to connect with life itself.


It is not about self-employment, but about leadership, taking action based on your ambitions in life. Why not turning your talent and expertise into profitable projects that support your lifestyle by doing what you love?


Relationships make us thrive and feel connected with something bigger than ourselves. We make a difference by being conscious enough to reflect instead of to project. By building trust, mutual freedom and independence we can express who we are.


Being a parent is not a one size fits all solution. You learn by trial and error. What works for one does not work for all. Finding the balance between the needs and wants of the child and yours can be quite challenging.

Social circles

When navigating yourself through the different realities of other people it is sometimes hard not to lose yourself. Having your vision and finding like-minded people is essential if you want to connect with who you are.


Find a way to balance your purpose, lifestyle choices and goals with those of your family. It is not easy to unconditionally trust them so they can make mistakes without you judging them. Nourish, support and love them deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Authentic You Awakening” gives you the opportunity to truly transform all areas of your life. You choose the most important topic in your current situation in order to create momentum when building a healthy, wealthy and happy lifestyle.

Energetic bodywork is ideal for people who find it difficult to talk about their issues, have chronic physical pains or just want to feel relaxed. This method works as a charm, even when you prefer doing it online.

This method is geared towards people who can’t or don’t like to be touched, who want to understand the mental processes behind the chronic physical pains or just want to create clarity in the moment.

This method works perfectly for people who can’t or don’t like to talk about sexual blockages, have chronic physical pains or just want to feel relaxed. When a deep internal experience is needed, the body needs a caring touch and you just want to receive without expectations.

I customize the session to the needs of the person and the theme of the moment. We never force or push, we only work with the present moment. The combination of the inspiration in that moment, different techniques and ancient knowledge make each session unique. During a massage session, we adopt a step-by-step approach to remove the layers of fear, shame, and mental blockages by working on a deeper level of trust, self-confidence and mental freedom.

Energetic Bodywork
  • guided meditation
  • intuitive dancing
  • energetic healing
  • learning specific breathing techniques
  • music & sound tuning
  • holistic pulsing, acupressure and more …
Mindful Communication
  • active listening & creating clarity
  • insightful interaction
  • heart channeling (no predictions)
  • remote energy healing
  • learning specific breathing techniques
  • visualization
  • guided meditation
Touch of trust
  • Eastern & Western massage techniques
  • awakening of the heart chakra
  • grounding and balancing the physical body
  • experienced based relaxation
  • rebirthing: release through breathing
  • music & sound tuning
  • holistic pulsing, acupressure, …
  • energetic body activation, physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually

Beyond the physical domain, I touch the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, nadis) that bring the body into total balance at all levels. I provide three types of massage adapted to the needs of the person.

  1. Energetic “clothed” massage
  2. Tantric healing massage with massage oil is naked, no erogenic zones involved
  3. Tantric-healing massage of the yoni or lingam, is always above the age +18 and naked
  4. No erotic massage or interaction. 

Yes, I do. Men mostly choose for massage because talking is not easy for them. After the massage it often occurs that they start talking when they feel safe and feel relaxed. 

A Tantra massage is a healing touch in which every zone in your body relaxes, with extra attention to the pelvic and abdominal area. This massage is done with neutral massage oil. Exceptionally, the recipient can opt for a dressed massage and the tantrika adapts the technique according to his or her request. The session activates the sexual energy in order to create total harmony of body and mind and this without any erotic character.