Welcome aboard

I'm super glad you decided to register for the group coaching calls. I look forward to meeting you during the weekly calls and I just wanted to let you know that you can contact me at mail(at)gwengeerinck.eu if you have any questions before.

You'll receive an e-mail containing all the details to get access to the Zoom room in which the group coaching calls will take place. It goes pretty much without saying that this link is not to be shared with anyone. You should have normally received it within 5 minutes after your registration. There's always a possibility that our welcome e-mail ends up in your Spam folder so don't forget to whitelist us if that's the case.

One more thing, this e-mail is quite crucial as you need it to log in to the Zoom room so don't delete but store it somewhere safely. Although we will send out reminders before the weekly calls, it is always a good idea to save this e-mail for future reference.