About Me

During my childhood, I discovered a special ability to heal through the power of the universal source. As I journeyed through spirituality, I became an energetic healer, divine channel, and speaker of universal truth. My passion for personal growth and entrepreneurship propelled me forward, but the challenges I faced revolutionized my consciousness, inspiring me to share my experiences with others. Despite the obstacles, my path has shaped me into who I am today. Please learn more about how my unique healing abilities can support you in creating an authentic and aligned future.

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered setbacks that necessitated a reset. Some were beyond my control, while others were deliberate choices. However, each reset positively affected my health, business, and happiness. As I stepped outside my comfort zone and embraced the universal laws of life, I discovered a deeper level of unconditional love, freeing myself from limiting beliefs and past failures. This journey taught me invaluable lessons about self-empowerment and self-love.

Driven by my passion for inspiring others, I developed an education system designed specifically for children’s needs. My Global Education System aims to eliminate poverty and democratize financial freedom for all. As a certified wealth mentor and life-hacker, I’m committed to making a difference by delivering practical principles that promote freedom, happiness, and abundance.

My purpose-driven business model inspires me to impact significantly, leading me to discover my authentic path of service. I recognize the importance of living an authentic lifestyle and how it can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. My vision is to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams. My mission is to impact lives globally and stand as a source of a transformed world. 

I believe anyone can create an authentic and happy lifestyle by doing what they love, working with people they love and trust, to achieve financial freedom. Join me on this journey towards personal growth and achievable results. Contact me to empower your IMMUNITY at all levels and life-hacking services.

My Passion

As a nature enthusiast and avid generator of mystical knowledge, I am constantly allowing inspiration and insights to enhance my daily practice. Combining science and spirituality creates a holistic approach to life. Nature is one of the most outstanding teachers, and I draw inspiration from it daily. Living in my heart, being inspired by nature, and sharing the wisdom of nature are essential parts of my life. 

Overcoming multiple health issues, including asthma, meningitis, hypothyroidism, and systemic scleroderma, which has given me expertise in immune health, inspired me to support people with immune-related challenges to heal naturally. I am not a healthcare practitioner, I only share my journey and experience as it can inspire and open up new possibilities. 

I love Tantra and created Tantra-Healing, which carries the universe’s wisdom without dogmas, limitations, and drama. 

I love to inspire & create impact, so I developed the foundation of the program “Kickstart Your Vision “to empower humanity. Together with a fantastic team, we co-created an inspiring upgrade to build a bridge for the social-economic changes we face today and, so we can collaborate to create global impact.

My passion for education and entrepreneurship drives me to share my expertise, skills, and inspiration to support people in building their dreams. My love for people and different cultures, particularly children and their parents, has led me to focus on changing the traditional education system.

Experiential learning is an essential part of my journey. With the expertise of co-founding a private school in Belgium, Butterflywise, I aspire to open the Foundation Global Education Italy in 2023. This foundation will support women, mothers, and young people to become independent and financially free so they can lead by example.

My Intention

My biggest lifestyle intention is to create a decentralized lifestyle for me and my family. And be as a family an example for other families. So we can co-create a world we want to see. A world where we reduce poverty, unite people, empower our Authentic Self, create a Green Economy, and use innovation to make life easier and enjoyable for all of us, not just a few.

When we collaborate to support people to contribute to the world with their passion, talent, and resources so they can impact a global, social, and economic scale from a sustainable point of view by developing a Community of Conscious People, we enable them to set a firm grounding in their lives so they can use their resources, talents, and potential to co-create a better life.