About Me

As a child I experienced the power of the universal source. Soon I discovered I had healing hands. Like most kids at a young age I could hear, see and know things other people didn’t. My conscious journey of spiritual awakening started when I was 18 and it helped me overcome many challenges in life, it guided me to become an energetic healer, a divine channel, universal truth speaker and entrepreneur. Numerous events have happened in my life that triggered a Quantum Leap to raise my consciousness and the ambition to share my knowledge and experiences.


More than once in my life, I experienced setbacks that demanded a reset of my life. Initially, it was initiated by circumstances beyond my will, but later by choice. It always had a positive impact on my health, business, and happiness in my life. These significant shifts opened my heart chakra and step by step I discovered unconditional love at a deeper level. I took bold steps out of my comfort zone and put my trust in my inner knowing and the universal laws of life. In doing so, I began cutting the ties that I had created for myself out of ignorance, fears, limiting beliefs, and past failures, I learned the most important lesson in life: ‘Looking into the mirror of life itself”

This is the biggest challenge one can take in my opinion. Embarking on this path proved to be a blessing, as it allowed me to create an authentic lifestyle. My determination, ongoing research, and education helped me make changes regarding self-empowerment and the development of self-love.

Experiencing impactful mystical initiations, and discovering my authentic path of service pushed me to pursue a purpose-driven business model to serve, inspire and expand ‘Love & Happiness.

It’ll hardly come as a surprise that I love supporting others on their journey to live an authentic  & happy lifestyle. So, I developed an education system tailored to the real needs of children and became the inspiration beyond the “Kickstart Your Vision.” which is part of our Global Education System to eliminate poverty and democratize financial freedom for the people. 

From personal experience, I can deliver key lessons on how to create your Authentic, Happy Lifestyle.

My passion is to inspire people in their quests. My purpose is to make it simple, effective, and practical for anyone.

All of this is possible, doing what you love, working with the people you love, and making the money to provide for the freedom you love. During my own journey, I am determined to teach simple principles that contribute to happiness and abundance. As a certified wealth mentor and life-hacker, my mission is to make a difference and create clarity, direction, and achievable results.


My Passion

I have a passion for nature and mystical knowledge, so checking my insights and inspiration with insights, research, or inspiration from others is essential in my daily practice. This helps me distinguish interpretations from the true pristine knowledge before I share any of it as facts or truth. Pure divine knowledge from the heart in this regard is equal to the universal truth. Science and spirituality can create a holistic approach when they go hand in hand. Nature is so beautiful and wise we can learn its secrets by connecting to it. Therefore, living in nature, being inspired by nature, and sharing the wisdom of nature are part of my daily life. That’s why I created Tantra-Healing. Tantra for me caries all the wisdom of the universe without dogmas, limitations, and drama. For me Tantra is Leadership.

In addition, I take a strong interest in people and different cultures, with a special focus on children and their parents. Children are the seeds of the future and we need to support and inspire them so they stay connected with their authentic selves. Therefore it is important to change the traditional education system. Experienced-based learning is an essential element of my journey. That’s why my goal in 2023 is to open the Foundation Global Education and build a haven to support women, mothers, and youngsters to become financially free. 

Finally, I also have a passion for education and entrepreneurship. My purpose is to share my expertise, skills, and inspiration to support people in building their dreams.

My Intention

My biggest intention in life is to create a decentralized lifestyle for me and my family. And be as a family an example for other families. So we can co-create a world we want to see. A world where we reduce poverty, unite people, empower our Authentic Self, create a green economy and use innovation to make life easier and enjoyable for all of us, not just a few.

With the “Kickstart Your Vision” and the Yoga Village in Forcella, we support people to contribute to the world with their passion, talent, and resources so they can have an impact on a global, social and economic scale from an sustainable point of view by developing a Community of Conscious People. We enable them to set a firm grounding in their lives so they can actually use their resources, talents, and potential to co-create a better world.